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Keeping Your Food Safe

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As you are packing, keep in mind that you are going to be in the wilderness, possibly close to dangerous animal. There are also animals such as mice and other rodents, who will try to steal food if it is not properly packaged. Not only can food be stolen, but it is bad for the animals to eat as it disrupts their natural diet making them crave more. This can cause more animals to show up, and overall create a violent and unsafe environment for visitors, which is something we all want to prevent.

Never leave trash, food, or anything else with an odor inside the tent.

It is best to put your food in a cooler or a car. Especially do this if you are going to the restroom or going on an adventure.

Never leave your food alone. Birds, racoons,  and rodents can snatch it quickly.

At night, you can always try to use a bear-proof cooler, but another method is hanging a bag
with the food inside from a tree branch higher up. THis is recommended if the bears are known to be
active on the campground.

Fun Foods to Make By The Fire

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Alone or with friends, you can never go wrong by making some of these simple and easy campfire treats. You can look at the stars and also enjoy a treat you made yourself. I find myself having fun during my lunch, creating different combinations to bring in for lunch. Here’s a few you should try:

  • Smores + Oreos: Use a roasted marshmallow and peanut butter as the filling, and two Oreos on the outside.
  • Cheese dogs: Put hot dogs on tin foil above the fire. After removing hot dog from fire, place on a bun and quickly throw cheese on top while hot.
  • Bacon Sticks: Get some sticks (you could find some, or buy some at the store). Simply wrap bacon around each, roast over a fire, and enjoy!
  • Loaded fries:  Prepack fries into tin foil, add in any toppings you want, such as cheese and bacon. Throw on the fire until cooked, then pull off the fire carefully with sticks, and enjoy.

Tips for First Time Campers

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For some, camping is not something shown to them by family. It may not even be common practice in the area they live in. But there are precautions you have to learn.  Being prepared is very important, and knowing some safe rules is crucial to protecting not only yourself, but whoever you are with as well.

  • Know what you are using: If you go out and buy a tent, camp stove, and so on, make sure you test them out at home, before you find yourself fumbling with something in the middle of the woods.
  • Make a checklist before going:  Make sure before you leave you double check to make sure you have anything that is crucial to going into the wilderness, such as a flashlight, first-aid materials, water, and food.
  • Plan your meals ahead:  Figure out how many meals you will actually need per person and create meal preps beforehand, to make meals simple and easy. Make sure you pick up after yourself as well!!
  • Check Campground Rules:  It is always important to make sure when you are camping that you are not disrespecting the people around you or the campground you are staying on. Make sure you check into campground policies such as quiet hours, how private the camp is, and how active wild life is around the area you are heading to.
  • Keeping Food Safe:  Depending on the area in which you are staying, you might have to worry about bears or other wildlife trying to get to your food. Make sure you double check on your camp's website to see the policy on food and how to properly secure it.